Who We Are?

Just like you, we relocated to the Triangle in 2018 from California. Since we were not able to look at houses in person, we ended up sending our realtor and her smartphone in our place. We did everything through video calls in order to understand how each house looked.


We ended up renting a place that did not fit our needs but we were able to purchase our beautiful home about six months after we moved.

Seeing how many people have moved to the area since then, we wanted to simplify this process. Our aim is to provide an easy landing, hassle-free, where the only thing you need to bring with you is your suitcase. Everything else is ready and waiting for you.


Beyond that, we are always happy to help.  If you have questions about schools, insurance, or buying your new home, we have built our network and can direct you to the right person. Don’t forget to check out our blog for tips to help you to start your life in the Triangle.


So join our growing community and enjoy all the best that the Triangle has to offer!


Looking forward to meeting you!


Dolev & Nili Zaharony